We believe in collaboration with our partners and throughout the supply chain.

This is where we get the best outcomes in Australian manufacturing – each bringing their skills and expertise to make the best Australian Made.

We’ve been on a journey, talking to industry champions about what Australian Made and Australian manufacturing means to them.

Watch their stories below.

Wilson Transformers – Brett Robertson

Wilson Transformers are continuing to innovate power distribution, providing complete solutions for Australian conditions. Bertazzo has collaborated over many years to be a key partner in the Wilson Transformer Company supply chain to fulfil Australian requirements.

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Flavourtech – Ralph Galluzzo

Flavourtech is a global technology manufacturer specialising in aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. They demonstrate Australia’s skills and expertise, lead the world in this technology partnering with Bertazzo providing custom-made solutions.

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Australian Target Systems – Paul Burns

A partnership where we collaborate to rethink and develop a fit-for-purpose solution for the Defence industry. ATS has proved the benefits of developing Australian solutions for Australian conditions that are made in Australia. This innovation has resulted in ATS being a global leader in target systems.

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CSE Uniserve – Stuart Walker

A long-term collaboration, Bertazzo is CSE Uniserve’s manufacturing facility, delivering global solutions from Australia. Australian agility provides the ability for products built to meet the specific environmental and operational conditions where they will operate.

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Pastro Ag – John Pastro

Imported agriculture products often do not meet our local requirements, Pastro Ag builds fans and spray equipment made specifically for Australia’s diverse farming and crop conditions. Pastro has collaborated with Bertazzo to develop innovative farming machinery.

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Grainline – Andrew Stead

Grainline manufactures grain augers and specialised grain handling equipment built specifically for Australian farmers. By working collaboratively with Grainline’s equipment design team, Bertazzo is a key contributor to this Australian made success story.

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Vitasoy – Rachel Kelly

Vitasoy produces plant-based milk products, has a long-term relationship with Bertazzo. Working together we have produced fit-for-purpose solutions enhancing manufacturing processes.

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Senator Bridget McKenzie

Senator Bridget McKenzie is a champion of local industry and manufacturing, and is a big advocate for Australian made rather than relying on overseas imports. She is also a champion  encouraging the next generation to be a part of shaping Australian manufacturing now and in the future.

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