Bertazzo is an end-to-end manufacturing partner, collaborating closely with our industry clients and colleagues from design through to production — to deliver tailored solutions that are built for Australia’s unique demands.

Project Management

Keeping the big picture in mind

For Bertazzo, the key to effective project management is the ability to understand the bigger picture of each project’s specific requirements. In other words, we maintain a strong focus on the end result.

Our trained, experienced management guarantees success

Build relationships

Our success in project management is driven by the development of sound client relationships that deliver mutual benefits through the continual and unimpeded exchange of information.

Involve everyone

A professional team of experienced people contribute to each project with a sense of involvement and achievement.

Effective communication

Exchanging information efficiently and competently allows us to use technical expertise to solve problems, deliver quality workmanship and provide the attention to detail required to achieve optimal outcomes for each project.

3D Mechanical Drawings, Drafting, Design & Modelling

Bertazzo draws on more than 70 years of combined experience in the industrial design field to ensure tailor-made solutions. We can help you with any mechanical design or product development.

Our experienced team can assist with any project, including one-off component development, complex 2D assemblies or 3D designs using Autodesk, AutoCAD and Inventor software.

Architectural Metalwork

Your architectural metalwork options are limited only by your imagination when you choose to work with Bertazzo. With unlimited design flexibility, eagle-eyed attention to detail and expertise in the latest technologies, we are your one-stop shop for any architectural project.

We deliver any custom design you need.

Laser Cutting

Bertazzo can deliver precision stainless steel, aluminium and steel cutting at rapid rates, dramatically reducing the labour and tooling costs associated with conventional cutting methods.

We deliver precise, quality laser-cut products, with quick turnaround and can ship nationwide.

 Technical data

  • 2x Prima platino fiber 4kw 1500 x 3000 bed
  • Mild steel 20mm
  • Stainless steel 16mm
  • Aluminium 10mm

Why cut with lasers?

Laser—which stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation—was invented by Theodore Maiman in 1960. Due to its purity and coherence of light, laser remains the most precise cutting technology known to man. It can be focussed to diameters of 0.1mm and produces surface temperatures exceeding 13,000 degrees Celsius and produces little to no heat-affected cut zone.

Unsurpassed technology and efficiency

Our advanced laser cutting equipment is technically superior and delivers components with unsurpassed dimensional accuracy and repeatability. This means we can provide fast turnaround on parts and components—even those with complex cut profiles—produced to micron specifications. We have the most cost-effective price per unit.

Metal Panel Bending

Using only the latest technology, the Prima panel bending machine opens up a whole new world into bending automation.

It processes parts quicker, smarter and safer than any other bending machinery. Profiles that would normally need special tooling can now be done simply and repeatedly. Our efficient process guarantees fast turnaround times

 Technical data

  • Prima Power Fbe
  • 3m bed
  • 3mm mild steel
  • 2mm stainless steel
  • Max: 210mm deep

Robotic Welding

When high-volume welding of components or parts is required, Bertazzo’s hi-tech robotic welding equipment can meet your needs with precision and repeatability.

Robotic welding, along with our automated laser cutting, press brake and panel bending technologies, allows us to produce large quantities of identical parts, with the added bonus of fast turnaround.

Technical data

  • Mottoman robotic stystem Mig, Plaza and Tig 3m reach
  • 3m x 1 tonne horizontal manipulators
  • Pulse mig welding
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Mild steel

Sandblasting, Powder Coating & Delivery

Our full range of sandblasting guarantees a quality product.

We offer local truck delivery options and we can professionally package and ship products interstate and overseas.

We powder coat a wide range of parts, including:

  • Components
  • General panels
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Toolboxes
  • Decorative screen panels
  • Ute trays

Technical data

  • Booth size: 4m long x 3m wide x 3m high
  • Oven size: 8m long x 3m wide x 3m high
  • Oven temp: 240oC

We offer 3 types of sandblasting

Class 1 or Whip Blast:

This roughens the surfaces just enough for most powders to cover. This is used on delicate items or jobs which require a smoother finish. For example, sheet metal panels and general blasting work.

Class 2.5:

The most cost effective for general purpose media. It is typically used for Ute trays and steel fabrications.

Class 3:

A higher profile blast required for coatings to specification.

Sheet Metal Components

Bertazzo can deliver precision stainless steel, aluminium and steel components limited only by your creativity. We can manufacture from your drawings or develop a drawing from your instructions. We can cater for third party component supply in virtually unlimited quantities.

Jobs can be:

  • Cut only
  • Cut/fold
  • Cut/fold/fab/powder
  • Coat/finish/dispatched

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Bertazzo is renowned for the quality of its fabrication work and is experienced in a multitude of applications. Our company’s strong reputation in sheet metal fabrication stems from our ability to view any given project in its entirety and to assess where cost advantages can be gained.

No sheet metal fabrication project is beyond the scope of the team at Bertazzo. Our technology offers the pinnacle of sheet metal quality:

  • World-class service and products
  • Utilising our automated laser profile cutting, press brake, panel bending and CNC rolling technologies, we deliver the ultimate sheet metal components and assemblies.

Bertazzo can manufacture parts in stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium including welding, studding and assembly. We can also supply machined components and incorporate them into fabricated assemblies.

CNC Press Brake

Technical data

  • Trumpf 170 tonne 6 axis CNC (computer numerically controlled)
  • Trumpf 110 tonne 4 axis CNC (computer numerically controlled)
  • 3m bed
  • Prima eP-2040 Press brake servo electric. 200 T x 4000 bed
  • Prima eP-1030 Press brake servo electric. 105 T x 3000 bed.
  • Trumpf C110 Press brake. 110 T x 3000 bed.


Turnkey Project Management

From Design Through To Completion

Turnkey is referenced to something that is ready for it’s immediate use once it has been delivered. Bertazzo offers a full Turnkey Projects from the initial concept to design right through to the finished project. Bertazzo specialises in very complex projects and has the technology and key personnel to not only delivery on time but exceed all facets of the project.


From your initial thought/concept, Bertazzo offers a full design including detailed functional specifications whilst conducting updated design reviews with our customers. This phase usually starts with a meeting where specifications and the scope of the project are discussed.


After the design phase we take care of all facets of the build phase based on our discussions from the initial design phase. All projects are different, and we ensure you have a full timeline based on what has been discussed at the beginning of project.


After the build phase and once the product has had a final sign off we take care of all stages of the delivery and if needed we also take care of the installation.

Component Manufacturing

Bertazzo offers the most comprehensive range of engineering and component manufacturing services and technology available in regional Australia. Regardless of location, Bertazzo can meet your needs.